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Container Depot

Container Depot has been the core of the family business for over a century. This business is located at Belawan Deli, North Sumatera which services one of the busiest and most competitive shipping lanes in the world. Our facilities include an extensive Depot Container Yard which provides a warehouse for dry cargo storage, and a comprehensive workshop to facilitate container repairs and refurbishment. The workshop handles repairs of ship engines, containers as well as peripherals and ancillaries for a range of domestic and international clients.

In the year 1950 to 1975 we were the exclusive supplier for the Indonesian Navy at Belawan Port - Medan until they relocated their HQ based to Riau and Surabaya in Java. 

Some of our clients include PT Tempuran Emas (TEMAS), PT Masaji Tatanan Container (MT CON), PT Samudera Indonesia Lines, Waterman Steamship Corporation, PT Djakarta Lloyd, PT Pelni Lines, PT Gessuri Lines, PT Admiral Lines, Evergreen Marine Corporation, and Textainer International Inc. 

As yet another ancillary services, PT Rantai Laut provides catering services for vessels docked at Medan. 

Our motto for the Marine and Shipping division is "We Serve Better". For over hundred years, we have consistently lived up to this motto, and have established ourselves as a quality service provider that our clients can depend on.

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