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Jimmy Singh Rantai Laut

Message from the Directors

It gives us great pleasure to introduce this company profile - the first in PT Rantai Laut's long and distinguished history. We have been serving you for over 100 years, during which time we have envolved and diversified. As we approach the year 2010, we'd like to share with you how we have grown.

PT Rantai Laut was established in 1885, and since then we have successfully maintained and murtured the concept of a family business.

From fresh provisions to engine store and repair shops to fire engineering and contracting, we have grown and deliversified. Each successive generation has taken the wheel and steered the company through new waters, enriching our experience and breaking new ground along the way.

As we prepare to face the challenges of the 21st century, we are confident that Rantai Laut will adapt to the new situations and the opportunities that come our way. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has been our primary objective and will continue to be so going forward. Competitive prices, unparalelled quality and a dedication to satisfy our customers have been the cornerstones of our success.

Through these, we have kept the Rantai Laut compnay distinguished. It's something we are proud of and something we know our business partners appreciate.

The Directors.

corporate history rantai laut

Corporate History

Established in 1885, PT Rantai Laut was a pioneer in the marine and container shipping industry. The group began as a Ship's Chandlers business that provided engine stores and fresh provisions in the busy trading port of Belawan in northern Sumatera. The growing company's first customers included KPM Lines, Royal Interocean Lines (predecessors to Nedlloyd Lines) and Shell.

Increasing traffic to the way newly independent Indonesia brought with it opportunities for expansion.

PT Rantai Laut expanded the business by diversifying into an engine repair division that catered to inbound and outbound vessels. This division was further augmented by a running repair and hatch repair yard for barges and coastal vessels. These divisions provided invaluable services for the rapidly developing country. Because of the group's commitment to provide innovative services and our dedication to customer satisfaction, PT. Rantai Laut's client base grew rapidly. PELNI and the Indonesia navy were among the growing company's prestigious client base.

The 1970s saw further growth as PT Rantai Laut diversified into portable fire and safety supplies. This division was founded to service the needs of Pertamina, PT Arun and Mobil Oil. The company's first branch office was opened in Jakarta and booming oil business had a reliable and efficient source for hoses, foam systems, dry powders, breathing apparatus, smoke detectors, safety equipment, hydrant systems, and fire trucks.

The 80s added another link to the company's strengthening chain. In 1982, a depot container yard was built in Belawan, northern Sumatera. This was supported by a warehouse for dry cargo storage and a workshop for container repairs and refurbishment. At the same time, the fire and safety supply business steadily increased and a network of branch and representative offices was established across Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan as well as in Singapore.

The Rantai Laut Group has expanded by offering innovative services that meet the ever changing needs of our customers. In that spirit, as we approach the year 2010, the group continues to explore new options and means by which we can maintain our commitment to innovation.

the next generation rantai laut

The Next Generation

As we approach the year 2020, we see many opportunities. By relying on our strengths, we aim to continue out tradition of excellence. By maintaining the family practice passed on through generations, PT Rantai Laut will continue to grow and to diversify is that we may serve you better.

We recognize what is at the root of our success, and we will always maintain the vital ingredients of that formula. Our reputation for reliability, high safety standards and excellent customer service will still be at the vanguard of PT Rantai Laut's business in the years to come as we approach the year 2020, the Rantai Laut Group maintains its commitment to customer satisfaction.

We will continue to offer innovative solutions for all your requirements, and will continue to provide products and services that our clients can depend on.

We are committed to growing and adapting to the changing needs of our customers so that we can support them better.

Our Team Rantai Laut

The Our Team

An integral part of any sucessful business is the quality of the people who are behind it. Keeping this in mind, the Rantai Laut Group has invested heavily in hiring, training, and maintaining a strong network of dedicated professionals.

There are more than one hundred members of the PT Rantai Laut family, each providing a vital cog to a well-oiled machine. We believe that our team is integral to our success and as such, our style of management has been rather unique. We believe in the concept of a family business and our employee belong to that family. Some families have been with PT Rantai Laut for more than 50 years. In fact, many of our current employees are folowing in the footsteps of their forefathers who were also once part of our team. We are proud of this heritage and of the contributions made to the company's success.

To ensure that our customers receive unsurpassed service, we provide extensive training to our employees. Overseas training is conducted to achieve internationally recognized qulifications. In addition, we regularly conduct in-house workshops to keep our team up to date with the latest developments in our industries. We encourage our employees to enhanced their abilities both at a professional as well as at a personal level.

PT Rantai Laut is proud of the healthy working environments in our container yards, workshops, and offices. Loyalty and commitment are qualities that are inherent in the way we work. This is the same work ethic we put into practice when we uphold our commitment to our customers.

Organization Structure Rantai Laut

Organization Structure

PT Rantai Laut has remained a family business since its establishment by Mr. Wier Singh in 1885.

The company's current directors are fourth and fifth generation descendants of the founder. The following organization chart shows how the company is structured.

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